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About Us

An African cuisine, casual dining restaurant, featuring delicious favorite dishes from Africa.


Our Story

Background & Company History

The following is an excerpt on the background history of Global Pot from one of the co-founders:

Each time I travel by air, and I have a long layover, I get this deep longing for home, and for something familiar. What easier way to fill this yearning than to at least find food that is familiar! I find myself wandering round the airport for hours, looking for a restaurant that offered ethnic dishes, or at least something close. 100% of the time, I end up unfulfilled and just buy something to appease my hunger.


I wondered if there were other people like me who felt like this- people who for one reason or the other were away from their home countries who longed for the familiar in a foreign country- immigrants, international students, business travellers? Ninety-two percent of international students say that they miss the familiarities of home when studying overseas, while 43% of them feel homesick at least once a week or more. Food preferences are deeply ingrained, deeply tied to memory, and form part of an individual’s identity.


As of 2019, foreign-born people make up about one-fifth of Canada’s population- there was clearly a need here, and this is what birthed the Global Pot dream! Global Pot Fusion Cuisine (GPFC) is a multi-ethnic cuisine, casual dining, and fast-food restaurant, featuring favorite dishes from all over the world. Global Pot Fusion Cuisine was born from a dream for a restaurant with at least one dish that is familiar and appealing to the penchant of everyone, irrespective of their country of origin.


Global Pot Fusion Cuisine was born to fill the craving that immigrants, international students, and business travellers have for food from their home country. For taste tourists, our restaurant will be that one-stop, one-of-a-kind place that where they can taste the exotic without going to exotic places. Some unique features of our brand include:

  • We are committed to set up our clients for long-term health and happiness. We are obsessed with making “Every bite a Delight; and Every swallow a Defense”. Our pledge to our customers is intentional and ongoing research to continuously test and refine our recipes for healthier options.

  • Bringing world-favorites to local markets- we are that one-stop place.

  • Our mission is to fill the craving of our consumers for the familiar and satisfy the continuously growing craving of consumers for the exotic.

  • Each dish prepared with the aim of preserving the ingredients’ best possible flavour, texture and colour.

  • A patented Standard Operating Manual to ensure standard operations across all locations.

  • Vegetarian, gluten-free considerations.

  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable, and compostable containers.



Our vision is for Global Pot to be in every major city and international airport in the world.



Our mission is to celebrate the Afro-Caribbean food culture, integrating cuisine from different parts of the world, thus providing the familiar and exotic, through continuous innovation and collaboration.

About The Founders

Ope has a doctorate degree in educational evaluation and is a woman of many parts- a trained caterer, a Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP), certified Lean leader, university administrator and professor, and retired high school principal. She owned and operated Rehoboth Catering, a business that served a wide range of clientele across the western provinces of Canada. Widely praised for the excellent quality and service of a wide array of non-African dishes, she has attained a special reputation for her outstanding African meals.


Nse is a trained confectioner with passion for cuisine of diverse cultures particularly, African, continental, and French. Her culinary roots go back over 20 years with extensive experience and capacity in managing various hospitality projects. Nse is the owner and CEO of Fresh Spring Hotel and Towers, a hotel based in Uyo, Nigeria, where her culinary skills have been savored over the years. Also, as a director of Epi Events Ltd, Nse oversees catering services providing assorted cakes and desserts for various events across the western provinces of Canada.


Ope and Nse’s passion and expertise for cooking are complemented with their research background and propels them to continuously test and refine their recipes for easy, tasty, and healthy options to meet varied and evolving needs of consumers. According to Hippocrates, often called the father of Western Medicine, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. While each dish on the Global Pot menu will be prepared with the aim of preserving the ingredients’ best possible flavour, texture, colour, the constituents will be carefully chosen to ensure optimum health benefits.

Umoh & Ope Globa Pot
Global Pot Crew


Serving Greater Saskatoon Area Since 2018


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